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Ghost Hunt – Hotel Villa Convento

Ghost Hunt – Hotel Villa Convento

Tour Guides Having Fun Rumored to be the House of the Rising Sun, and the place Jimmy Buffet lost his virginity, the Hotel Villa Convento is one of New Orleans’s haunted hotels. We stayed the night to test it out and we found evidence that it is as haunted as they say.

Shotgun Homes in New Orleans

Shotgun homes are one of the most iconic type buildings of New Orleans. You see a picture of one and you automatically think of New Orleans, though can be found in other cities though. The original design of the shotgun home came from Saint-Domingue (now Haiti). Following the Saint-Domingue Revolution (also called the Haitian Slave    […]

The Top 5 Myths of the LaLaurie House in New Orleans

Myths of the LaLaurie House in New Orleans On our Sinister Criminal Intentions True Crime and Family-Friendly Ghost tours, we visit the LaLaurie House. Well, we don’t go into the house—that’s sort of myth number one. Or something we get asked about all the time. You can’t go into the house because it is actually    […]

Homer Plessy's Tomb

Where to Visit Homer Plessy’s Tomb

Homer Plessy is one of many American heroes with ties to New Orleans. We have a school bearing his namesake, and his contributions to civil rights are celebrated in New Orleans as well as around the entire nation. As part of our St. Louis #1 Cemetery Tour, we visit his tomb, one of many tombs    […]

Vampire Tendencies, New Orleans Style

Vampire Tendencies, New Orleans Style Much has been said & written about vampires in New Orleans. Books, films, songs and legends abound, many, in recent years, focusing on our city. Still, there is as yet, no evidence that these mythic creatures exist anywhere on Earth, except for the Vampire Bat. So what it is about    […]

When is New Orleans’ Birthday?

You Say Its Your Birthday; but it’s a little more complicated. On it’s 295th birthday, in 2013, Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced the birthday of New Orleans as May 7th, 1718, the traditional date that has been used for generations. But it’s a little more complicated than that. For starters, a statue of Bienville, erected in    […]

Festivals in New Orleans March-May 2018

One of the greatest things about New Orleans is there is always something to do!     03/14/2018 – Wednesday at the Square Concert Series 03/15/2018 – Top Taco Fest 03/17/2018 – St Patrick’s Day (Celebrations all over town, check link) 03/18/2018 – Mardi Gras Indians Super Sunday 03/22/2018 – Tennessee Williams Literary Festival 03/23/2018    […]

Baroness of Jackson Square

Baroness de Pontalba – Her dad began Jackson Square and her vision finished it. Micaela Leonarda Antonia Almonester, Baroness de Pontalba was only two years old when her father died- leaving his fortune to split between her and her mother. She was educated at the Ursuline Convent down the street. When she turned fifteen, her    […]

Postcard of Cafe Du Monde

Take in the Tastes and Scents of Café Du Monde

Part of Unique Nola Tours’ New Orleans French Quarter History Tour The Café Du Monde coffee stand opened its doors over 150 years ago in 1862, right in the today’s French Market. They are open 24 hours a day for early risers and late-night revelers. In fact, the only day they close is Christmas Day.    […]

Festivals in August & September 2017 in New Orleans

Some great events are taking place the next couple months in New Orleans. It’s a great time to come down and enjoy the festivals and while you are at it- Take a tour! August 2017 3-6 – Satchmo SummerFest 5 – Whitney White Linen Night 12 – Red Dress Run 13 – Dirty Linen Night 23-26    […]