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Top Things to Do in New Orleans For a Bachelorette Party

Top Things to Do in New Orleans For a Bachelorette Party If you’re visiting New Orleans, you’re likely trying to find the top things to do in New Orleans for a bachelor party. New Orleans is a great destination for having fun and if you’re planning a bachelorette party you

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Ursuline Convent

The History of the Ursuline Convent Deaths

The History of the Ursuline Convent Deaths Many people who aren’t from New Orleans aren’t aware of the Ursuline Convent and the subsequent spooky stories surrounding it. Some New Orleans natives themselves may not be aware of the history of the Ursuline Convent deaths. Ursuline is a name you probably

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Accurate Historic New Orleans Tours

Are you looking for accurate historic New Orleans tours on your trip to the Big Easy? Look no further than Unique NOLA Tours. We’ve got historically accurate tours that will entertain and inform. If you’re a history buff trying to have a good time in New Orleans, you’ve come to

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Murder Tour New Orleans

If you’re looking for an amazing murder tour New Orleans tourists rave about, you need to take Unique NOLA’s Sinister Criminal Intentions tour. People seem to be interested in true crime more than they ever have been before, with the rise of podcasts and TV shows involving the subject. There

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Voodoo and Marie Laveau

Voodoo and Marie Laveau Of the many, many facets of New Orleans culture that is barely known, let alone understood, is the presence of Voodoo. It is exceedingly difficult to lay out exactly what Voodoo is because there are innumerable varieties and practices. Even practitioners attempt to “correct” other versions

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Jesuits Mission in United States

Jesuits, Rum, and New Orleans

Jesuits, Rum, and New Orleans Unique NOLA Tours loves to tell stories not often told. Very early in our city’s history, a group of priests really got the colony rolling. Right off Canal Street, where the Roosevelt Hotel sits today, was the edge of an enormous sugar plantation. It was the purview of

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Paul Morphy – Chess Master Before Chess Masters

We at Unique NOLA love to explore what makes New Orleans, well, Unique. For example, many folks don’t realize New Orleans was the home of one of the greatest chess players of all time.

Paul Morphy was a rich kid. His dad was a respected judge, and his mom a wonderful opera singer. Their home is Brennan’s Restaurant today. They still have his chess set upstairs. Chess set?

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Ghost Hunt – Hotel Villa Convento

Rumored to be the House of the Rising Sun, and the place Jimmy Buffet lost his virginity, the Hotel Villa Convento is one of New Orleans’s haunted hotels. We stayed the night to test it out and we found evidence that it is as haunted as they say.

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Shotgun Homes in New Orleans

Shotgun homes are one of the most iconic type buildings of New Orleans. You see a picture of one and you automatically think of New Orleans, though can be found in other cities though.

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Top 5 Myths of the LaLaurie House in New Orleans

On our Sinister Criminal Intentions True Crime and Family-Friendly Ghost tours, we visit the LaLaurie House. Well, we don’t go into the house—that’s myth number one. Or something we get asked about all the time. You can’t go into the house because it is actually someone’s residence right now.

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Where to Visit Homer Plessy’s Tomb

Homer Plessy is one of many American heroes with ties to New Orleans. We have a school bearing his namesake, and his contributions to civil rights are celebrated in New Orleans as well as around the entire nation.

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When is New Orleans’ Birthday?

On it’s 295th birthday, in 2013, Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced the birthday of New Orleans as May 7th, 1718, the traditional date that has been used for generations. But it’s a little more complicated than that.

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