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New Orleans Walking Tours

Our History Walking Tours

Step outside of the French Quarter, and learn the history & architecture of the beautiful Garden District. See the residences of Anne Rice, Sandra Bullock, John Goodman, & more! Also visits Lafayette Cemetery and the Coven House of American Horror Story.

We will guide you on walking tour from the mighty Mississippi River, to buildings older than our country, to present-day curious and unique locales. Understand why people become captivated with our city and keep coming back for more.

New Orleans’ history is rife with epidemics that killed thousands. We’ll walk through the historic French Quarter, telling stories of contagious residents, infectious mosquitoes, and resilient recovery.

No ghosts here! Some of the most terrifying things are what people do to each other, and perhaps you want to glimpse into the bloody murders of the French Quarter on this true crime walking tour

Our Ghost Walking Tours

Find debauchery on this tour about adultery, prostitutes, and the more twisted ghost stories of New Orleans! We combine spirits with spirits at 3 bars. This 21-and-over walking tour is great for groups

We put our guides together to select the most haunted locations. Want to find out why NOLA is considered America’s most haunted city? Intense paranormal activity awaits you!

Taking the whole family on vacation to New Orleans? Our charming city isn’t just for adults! We offer a kid-friendly and just-scary-enough ghost walking tour of NOLA that the whole family can enjoy. 

Why take a New Orleans walking tour?

Is there a place anywhere in this country with so much culture, history, food, music and just plain fun so close together? Whether you take a tour of our 300 year old French Quarter on our locals tour or discover our glorious Garden District retrospective, you will find exciting backstories, lovely views with amazingly informative, charming guides.

There are no hills here, and a New Orleans walking tour is the best way to enjoy our Crescent City. Our winters are temperate and a light jacket is generally the most you would need. Yes it gets a little warm in the summer, but don’t worry, there’s always a place nearby to get a refreshing beverage. And no matter what that beverage is, you can carry it with you as you go, marveling at the beauty around you.


What to expect

On our tours, expect to be dazzled. What’s your jam? History? We literally walk down streets older than the United States itself, we follow the very footsteps of French Explorers, Spanish noblemen and American heroes. Food? New Orleans is a culinary capital. World culture? On one corner is a museum for Mardi Gras Indians, on another might be an actual Voodoo shop on another an Irish heritage center. Music? Forget about it? We invented music here!

No matter what your passion is – from the sacred to the profane – a New Orleans walking tour will fill your mind and heart with wondrous visions.


Walk with a local on your New Orleans walking tour

One thing you will notice on a New Orleans walking tour, people around here are very jealous of our culture, and they want to preserve it. And brag about it. That is why it’s important to find true locals to show you around. You get the real stories, and not the stories most visitors think are true, but turn out to be just myths.

The guides that conduct the tours for Unique Nola Tours are not just experts in the local scene – they are part of it. We have published authors on New Orleans, history teachers and folks who have shared the culture of the city in various ways for years.

Many unfortunate guests to our city walk up and down crazy Bourbon Street during their time here, and sadly think that is New Orleans. Our local guides will give you the inside info on our tour. Which restaurants are great, and which are tourist traps? Who’s got the best priced and quality oysters? Where can you see great music at a reasonable cost? What are ways to avoid lines?

During Mardi Gras season, for example, it can be a real challenge navigating the endless parades, parties and traffic. Our locals can give you a literal map to enjoying the celebration without frustration.


The best New Orleans walking tours

There are so many angles to the greatness of New Orleans. That is why we offer different types of New Orleans walking tours. We have the straight up Locals’ Guide to the French Quarter which is a comprehensive look at the many amazing facets here.  We have two types of evening Ghost Tours – one kid-friendly and another a little more intense. Are you a true crime junkie? We have our Sinister Criminal Intentions tour about actual diabolic murders in the French Quarter. Our Plague and Pestilence tour is a fascinating look at the diseases that have ravaged us through the centuries, and how we dealt with them. And for those who want a little naughty with their history we have the Lewd Spirits tour – basically a bar crawl with great stories of ghosts of the ladies of ill repute and the men ensorcelled by them.


New Orleans walking tours FAQs

Is there a lot of walking?

All our tours are about two hours. We never walk more than a few blocks at a time with many stops along the way. The streets are mostly flat and all the sidewalks are handicap accessible. We have options for restroom breaks as well.

Are there a lot of people on the tour?

Absolutely not! Though the law allows us to send out up to 28 people, we rarely go out with more than a dozen and never as many as 20. We will see other tour operators sending out block-long groups of over 30, you just know they are not loving the experience. Our tours are like a few friends enjoying themselves.

Can I carry my beverage with me?

‘Dis is New Orleans baby! Of course you can. Our tours pass some of the greatest watering holes in the world and if you feel like a drink, we can take a quick stop.