Our Tours

Lewd Spirits Ghost Tour (Adults Only)

Find debauchery on this tour about adultery, prostitutes, and the more twisted ghost stories of New Orleans! We combine spirits with spirits at 3 bars. This 21-and-over tour is great for groups. Learn more

Sinister Criminal Intentions – The Original Murder Tour

No ghosts here! Some of the most terrifying things are what people do to each other, and perhaps you want to glimpse into the bloody murders of the French Quater. Learn more…

Our Favorite Ghosts

We put our guides together to select the most haunted locations. Want to find out why NOLA is considered America’s most haunted city? Intense paranormal activity awaits you! Learn more… 

Kid Friendly Ghost Tour 

Taking the whole family on vacation to New Orleans? Our charming city isn’t just for adults! We offer a kid-friendly and just-scary-enough Ghost Tour of NOLA that the whole family can enjoy. Learn more… 

Pestilence, Pandemic & Plague Tour

New Orleans’ history is rife with epidemics that killed thousands. We’ll walk through the historic French Quarter, telling you stories of contagious residents, infectious mosquitoes, and resilient recovery. Learn more… 

Glamorous Garden District Tour

Step outside of the French Quarter, learn the history & architecture of the beautiful Garden District. See the residences of Anne Rice, Sandra Bullock, John Goodman, & more! Also visits Lafayette Cemetery and the Coven House of American Horror Story. Learn more

The Local’s Guide to the French Quarter

We will guide you on tour from the mighty Mississippi River, to buildings older than our country, to present-day curious and unique locales. Understand why people become captivated with our city and keep coming back for more. Learn more!