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The Local's Guide to the French Quarter

Tours Daily: 10am + 4pm

Ages 13–64: $37.00 each
Ages 65+: $30.00 each
Kids 6-12: $18.00
5 and under: Free

As you stroll with us, you’ll learn about the fascinating beginnings of our city that shaped this world-famous neighborhood. Discover the must-see spots in the French Quarter and learn about the history of the “Vieux Carré”. Our local guides will enlighten you about the best bars, restaurants, and hidden gems to see on your visit here.

We will guide you on tour from the mighty Mississippi River, to buildings older than our country, to present-day curious and unique locales. Understand why people become captivated with our city and keep coming back for more.



What to expect on this local’s history tour?

When you take a New Orleans history tour you should expect, first and foremost, a well-spoken expert as your guide. A good tour guide is a mix of historian, writer and actor. A guide could be so knowledgeable on one hand, and super boring on the other. Not good.

A New Orleans history guide could be an excellent storyteller, but not convey much of the richness of our story. Finally, a tour guide could be a great person, entertaining and absolutely devoid of any information with any depth.

At Unique Nola Tours we select guides that check all three boxes so that guests know they are getting a special and valuable experience.

We offer a few different ‘flavors’ of history tours at Unique Nola. If you want a comprehensive look at the political and cultural origins of the Crescent City we have our New Orleans Locals history tour. Here we start from the original Native peoples here, the arrival of the French, then the Spanish. As we walk the very streets that earlier colonists, famous heroes and sketchy bad guys walked, we are transported to another time.

On the history walk we not only break down the architecture of the city, we frame it in its cultural impact – where the styles come from, what the builders wanted to express. Beyond the architecture we talk about the rainbow of people that have contributed to the development of the city – our food, our music, our festivals – all the way to the candy colors of the houses.

Of course we get into Voodoo and Mardi Gras and what the heck does lagniappe mean? What’s the difference between a Creole and a Cajun? And did the Virgin Mary actually help us win a Super Bowl?

A New Orleans history walking tour will break down why we are “America’s most interesting city.”


Other Tours

If you desire a more nuanced look at our town we suggest two other offerings: our Plague and Pestilence history Tour and our Garden District Tour.

Plague Tour: A most unique look at New Orleans and American History

We as a nation, and a planet, have come through an epically challenging time for public health. As a port city, New Orleans has borne the brunt of several outbreaks of nasty sicknesses – Yellow Fever, Cholera, even Bubonic Plague! And many more. This history tour describes the pathology of the plagues, the effects on our society, the heroes who sacrificed to help us and how we coped through the pestilences. And don’t worry, we do not talk about COVID 19.

Garden District Tour: A different side of New Orleans history

If you want to venture onto the other side of town, we have a completely different history to show you. Our Garden District walking tour may suit your tastes. It’s more than just a tour of homes, it’s a microcosm of American history. 


Why take a New Orleans History Tour?

We are proud to celebrate New Orleans as being way more than just Bourbon Street. A New Orleans history tour will open up guests to the myriad shining facets of this jewel of a city. New Orleans has the party, of course; but beyond that let’s talk about all the other aspects here. We are the birthplace of Jazz and Rock and Roll. Our cuisine is heralded around the world. Many important world historical events took place here. Finally, there is a vibe here unlike any other place, and this French Quarter tour allows us to look “under the hood.”


The Local's Guide to the French Quarter Tour Info:

Starting Location:

815 Toulouse St., New Orleans, LA 70112
Meet at the Unique NOLA Tours shop

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The best history tour in New Orleans!

What sets Unique Nola apart from other tour companies is our concern for the quality of our guests’ experience. For example, unless requested, we do not send out groups of more than a dozen or so people. Often, the groups are less than eight people making for almost a private tour feeling.

Every guest gets a text from their guide meaning you can communicate with them, even after the tour. This is a great resource if you want further advice or explanation.

Our office has drinks and snacks at a dollar a piece. We also give out ponchos or hand warmers during inclement weather. We have a guest restroom. The office is also a leading purveyor of occult and unique gothic items. Also you can meet Rodger! Our giant, cymbal playing simian.


New Orleans history tour Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a lot of walking?

The French Quarter is very, very, very flat! We cover just under a mile in close to two hours. That means it is usually we walk a block, stop, tell a story and move on. Very chill.

Is the tour mobility accessible?

Absolutely. The sidewalks in the French Quarter are wheelchair accessible, and the leisurely pace of the tour means no one has to feel rushed. And, by the way, if you need a minute, we can wait. This is the Big Easy after all!

What about rainy days?

The good news is most of the French Quarter is under balconies. Generally, an umbrella is fine for your walk. Except for the severest weather, we go. A light rain can be a pleasant environment for a New Orleans history tour. 

More Reading?

New Orleans history is American History!