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It’s Carnival Music Time!

It’s Carnival Music Time!      Unique Nola Tours offers French Quarter walking tours to help you navigate the spectacle of Mardi Gras! Carnival season is a lot like the Holiday season: we have special foods, special colors, special traditions and like the Yuletide, special music.    Playing on the

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Mardi Gras? or Carnival?

Mardi Gras? or Carnival? Well you put a nickel, and I’ll put a dime We can get together and drink us some wine All because it’s Carnival Time!                                            –

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King Cakes

King Cakes Before taking the younguns on our Kid-Friendly Ghost Tour this time of year, treat them to a sweet slice of King Cake. King Cake is our seasonal treat that rings in Carnival and is only available from Epiphany until Mardi Gras day.   King Cakes in New Orleans

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Bloody O’Reilly

Bloody O’Reilly If you treat yourself to our Locals French Quarter stroll, you will pass the Old Mint and a very interesting plaque put up to local heroes who were shot as traitors. At the time France was doing what it always does – fighting England. And doing what it

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Avast Matey!

Avast Matey! We at Unique Nola are proud of our crew of expert guides, we search the Seven Seas for the best stories from our history and could easily make lesser crews walk the plank. What’s going on? This week we want to speak about Pirates, of course. Pirates Alley

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Rue Bourbon

Rue Bourbon Want to explore the shadier side of New Orleans? Try our Lewd Spirits tour – a boozy trip through past ladies of ill repute, the ‘gentlemen’ that were involved with them and the iconic bars that locals actually go to. For example, Bourbon Street today can be a

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In 1814 we took a little trip ...

Battle of New Orleans

Battle of New Orleans Unique NOLA Tours geeks out over history, culture and all things New Orleans. The miracle of the Battle of New Orleans still intrigues us today. If you are interested in how it went down and how it still reverberates today, consider joining on our Local’s History stroll

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A Plague Upon Our House

A Plague Upon Our House Unique NOLA Tours geeks out over history, culture and all things New Orleans. Even the intense stuff. In the early days, every summer we would be beset with Yellow Fever. This was one of many pestilences to arrive at our port city throughout history. If

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Patriots or Martyrs?

Patriots or Martyrs? Unique NOLA Tours geeks out over history, culture and all things New Orleans. We don’t make things up in our tours because, well, the reality is way weirder than anything the other guides make up. Our Local’s Guide to the French Quarter is a must-do intro to

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