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Ursuline Convent

The History of the Ursuline Convent Deaths

The History of the Ursuline Convent Deaths Many people who aren’t from New Orleans aren’t aware of the Ursuline Convent and the subsequent spooky stories surrounding it. Some New Orleans natives themselves may not be aware of the history of the Ursuline Convent deaths. Ursuline is a name you probably

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Accurate Historic New Orleans Tours

Are you looking for accurate historic New Orleans tours on your trip to the Big Easy? Look no further than Unique NOLA Tours. We’ve got historically accurate tours that will entertain and inform. If you’re a history buff trying to have a good time in New Orleans, you’ve come to

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Murder Tour New Orleans

Murder Tour New Orleans If you’re looking for an amazing murder tour New Orleans tourists rave about, you need to take Unique NOLA’s Sinister Criminal Intentions tour. People seem to be interested in true crime more than they ever have been before, with the rise of podcasts and TV shows

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New Orleans Garden District FAQ

New Orleans Garden District FAQ As a company with a Garden District walking tour, we get asked a lot about the Garden District in general. Let’s answer some questions! We’ll update this page frequently. So let’s switch to FAQ mode, from the mailbag of questions:   Is the Garden District

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Garden District Architecture pt1 – Greek Revival

Architecture of the Garden District pt 1 Greek Revival One of the many joys of a stroll through the Garden District of New Orleans is the architecture of the grand homes. The lovely woodwork, brickwork, glasswork and metalwork all support the luscious feeling this neighborhood has. In addition to pleasing

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Quick Guide to Jazz Fest

Quick Guide to the Jazz Fest In 1970 the legendary gospel singer Mahalia Jackson returned to New Orleans and sang along with Duke Ellington and the Eureka Jazz Band in a wondrous parade in Congo Square. Two years later, the spirit of that event was born in the form of

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A woman sits in the driver seat of a car, perhaps wondering, “Do you need to rent a car in New Orleans?” as a person with a tablet stands beside the car.

Do You Need to Rent a Car in New Orleans?

When planning your trip, one of the first questions to occur to you may be, “Do you need to rent a car in New Orleans?” Read on to get our advice about whether a rental car is necessary for you to fully enjoy visiting our city.

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St Patrick’s Day in New Orleans

St Patrick’s Day in New Orleans Unique Nola tours love a party and St Patrick’s Day is one of the great ones in New Orleans. Sadly, St Patrick’s Day here was born out of a tragic event. Between 1845 and 1857 Ireland was beset with one of the worst famines

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James Booker

Down the road came a Junco Partner Of the innumerable great musicians New Orleans has produced, few approach James Booker in his amazing, idiosyncratic and genius career. No New Orleans walking tour could be called complete without a discussion about the great one-eyed, gay, drug addicted, wig wearing piano player

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