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I Asked an AI About Famous Garden District New Orleans Homes. It Failed.


Writing these blog posts to showcase our knowledge of New Orleans history is tough work. As with all of our tours, we pride ourselves on being completely historically accurate. This is what Unique NOLA Tours is all about. Our New Orleans ghost tours are rooted in history, and we also have our Garden District walking tour as well as other history tours, where of course we need to be totally accurate.

AI is all the rage, so I figured… let’s see what happens if I try to let AI write a listicle for me.

So my prompt:

Give me a list of the…

20 most famous homes in the Garden District of New Orleans

So… is my work done, sans a copy-and-paste into our website editor?


1. Beauregard-Keyes House
Well that’s in the French Quarter, so no.

2. Commander’s Palace
Ok, we’re off to a 50/50 start, Commander’s isn’t a house per se… but it’s a must-see in the Garden District..

3. Colonel Short’s Villa
Yes indeed, this is what I asked for.. a famous Garden District house

4. Hermann-Grima House
Another French Quarter house, the French Quarter is not the Garden District BTW. Very different. Like, really different.

5. J. Edgar Monroe House
And this house is in Pass Christian. Mississippi. Which is another state.

6. Lafayette Square
Not a house, in another neighborhood. Close-ish but really not close to the Garden District.

7. Le Petit Trianon
Ummm… this is in France. As in the country France. Which is, well, not in the Garden District of New Orleans. Louisiana. USA. I mean, we have a whole French thing going on here… but no.

8. Longue Vue House and Gardens
In Lakewood, not the Garden District

9. Madame John’s Legacy
Also in the French Quarter. Which is becoming a theme, and an obvious one.

10. Garden District Mansion
Ok AI, are you even trying? I mean technically correct is the best correct?

11. McDonogh House
There’s a McDonogh school in New Orleans (not in the Garden District). There’s a McDonogh apartment complex somewhere not in the Garden District.

12. Meyer House
Well there’s General Meyer Avenue named after Adolph Meyer, who was a Confederate General. So not only aren’t we celebrating him, he had nothing going on in the Garden District.

13. Mortimer House

14. Rink House
Shopping center.

15. Routh House

16. St. Charles Avenue
A street.

17. Thalia Street House
Any house on Thalia Street? Seems like it.

18. Thomas Sully House
We’re 3 for 18! This is a real-deal Garden District famous home. You can even stay there for the night.

19. Touro-Shultz House
Maybe the AI is thinking of the Touro-Shakespeare house? Anyway that thing is dilapidated.

20. Ursulines Convent
And we finish off with a French Quarter house, not in the Garden District. Just like all the other French Quarter homes.

Just come with us on a Garden District Tour

So there you go, 17 out of 20 were completely not relevant to the Garden District. Maybe it would be best to turn off the computer, step away from the AI, and take a Garden District walking tour with us?