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Murder Tour New Orleans

If you’re looking for an amazing murder tour New Orleans tourists rave about, you need to take Unique NOLA’s Sinister Criminal Intentions tour. People seem to be interested in true crime more than they ever have been before, with the rise of podcasts and TV shows involving the subject. There have been a host of new shows popping up on streaming platforms and cable TV surrounding the topic. People love getting their hands on true crime podcasts, TV shows, books, and more and you can up the ante on your true crime obsession by taking a murder tour New Orleans travelers can’t get enough of. 

For years we’ve seen a rise in confession tapes, stories of missing people, documentaries of cult leaders, and so much more. People can’t get enough of the deviant nature of others. If you’re looking for a great new way to get a true crime fix, take a true crime tour in New Orleans that tells real stories from the city’s history. Click here to learn more about what to expect on our true crime tour. Keep reading to learn more about why people are so interested in true crime and how you can take the best murder tour in New Orleans. 

Why Do People Love Murder?

People have been interested in murder since the beginning of time. In the 1400s, murder pamphlets were the old-school murder mystery novel. These cheap, tabloid-esque pamphlets told murder stories that were ripped straight from the headlines of the times. Some may say this high interest in people’s crimes may be concerning but doctors say it’s a tactic for survival. What better way to stay alive than knowing the tactics of famous murderers? 

Interest in true crime is especially high in women. Dr. Amanda Vicary, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at Illinois Wesleyan University, has found that women are more interested in stories about female victims who survive and involve escape. True crime is like a real-life scary movie. You experience a plethora of emotions when consuming a new story. There’s anger for what the victim has gone through, anticipation for what’s going to happen next, and relief when you find out that the perpetrators have been caught and received proper justice. 

In the end, true crime is like a puzzle, while listening to the drama, you’re looking to match up the pieces and solve the puzzle before everyone else. If you manage to do it before the podcaster or TV show reveals it, you feel like you’ve won a prize. 

Keep reading for some fun facts about people’s interest in true crime.

True Crime Interest Statistics

After surveying 1,000 people about true crime, Super Summary got some interesting insights on how people like to consume their murder mysteries. 

According to their survey results, people’s favorite way of consuming true crime is TV shows with 92% of people preferring that medium over movies, books, and podcasts. Of those 1,000 people, 58% of those people reported that they regularly enjoy true crime content. 

Over the course of a year, the average true crime lover consumes around 84 episodes of true crime TV, 44 chapters of true crime books, 34 episodes of true crime podcasts, and 20 true crime movies. That’s a lot of murder!

By far, the top reason that people love true crime is for the mystery and the intrigue with 88% of women responding with that answer and 85% of men. People are also in it for the psychological aspects and the storytelling. Currently, a top true crime TV show is Only Murders in the Building. It’s a murder mystery show about a murder mystery podcast, which just goes to show how invested people are in their true crime. 

At the end of the day, we love true crime because it reminds us of our empathy. Most people could not imagine committing some of the heinous crimes that true crime killers have. If you’re looking to get your own experience of true crime experience, consider taking a murder tour in New Orleans!

Where to Take a Murder Tour New Orleans

Unique NOLA Tours loves true crime as much as you do! We’re here to give your the best murder tour experience that New Orleans has to offer! 

Our true crime tour runs daily rain or shine at 4 pm and 7 pm. This is the perfect after dinner experience for any true crime lover. The tours last about 2 hours and end in the perfect location to continue the party in the lovely city of New Orleans. 

When you take our tour you’ll hear stories from as early as the 1700s to as recent as the early 2000s! This is a mature audiences tour so make sure you leave the little ones at home for this one, and consider taking them on our Spooky Family Ghost Tour or our Our Favorite Ghosts Tour.