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Our New Orleans Ghost Sightings Map: Find The Haunted Hotspots Around The City

Want to know where people have reported New Orleans ghost sightings? Our map will give you a guide for ghost hunting throughout the Crescent City. From churches to hotels to stately homes, these spooky locations are a lot of fun to visit, particularly when you know their mysterious history. As New Orleans ghost tour guides, we have gathered all of the scariest places in New Orleans onto one map for your convenience.

Could there be a pattern to the paranormal activity in New Orleans? As we researched each of these locations, we started to get an idea of the kinds of places ghosts seem to favor. Here’s what our thorough analysis has discovered, in case you’re hoping to catch a glimpse for yourself.

Ghosts tend to be reported at hotels

One thing that immediately comes to mind when reviewing our ghost sighting map is that it includes numerous hotels. Clearly, ghost sightings tend to occur at these locations. For example, the Andrew Jackson Hotel is a famous site of spooky occurrences, haunted by the ghosts of children who died in an orphanage fire in the eighteenth century. Similarly, the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel receives visits from all manner of phantoms, from a dapper gentleman to a Civil War soldier. Another military apparition has been seen at the Maison de Ville, where during your stay he just might play some music for you. We’ve also spent the night in a somewhat more scandalous haunted location, the Hotel Villa Convento.

What could explain this proclivity for hotel visitation? Are these ghosts weary travelers between worlds, who find temporary rest at these locations? We recommend you stop by and try to find out! Just be ready to meet some uninvited guests.

Houses are also popular locations for New Orleans ghost sightings

The cliche of the haunted house might be true! Many houses, as well as a mansion, in New Orleans appear on our ghost sightings map. Consider the famous LaLaurie Mansion, where the torture and murders of enslaved people gave rise to rumors of hauntings of the scene of the crime. Much has been written and shown on screen about this twisted tale, and this map will lead you directly to the place when it all went down.

Another historic home on our map is the Beauregard-Keyes House, whose history dates back to 1826. This means it has a long list of departed former inhabitants whose souls might roam the grounds. That may reveal a common thread with all of the homes on our map. The longer the history of a place, the more people were connected to it in life. This increases the likelihood that there are souls of those who will want to return.

In downtown New Orleans you have a good chance of seeing a ghost

The many New Orleans ghost sightings in locations on downtown streets like Royal Street and Chartres Street paint a scary picture. Popular tourist attractions like Jackson Square, with its famous statue of the former president, have had their share of unexplained occurrences. Museums such as The Presbytere, which serve to show us what life was like in a different era, may be haunted as well. Perhaps it is because New Orleans has such a unique blend of culture, art, food, and music, that even those who have departed this world feel compelled to return to the excitement of this downtown region. Can you blame them?

Old Ursuline Convent building

Spiritual locations tend to attract spirits

Based on the reported sightings, it seems ghosts tend to congregate in areas with religious or spiritual significance. The iconic St. Louis Cathedral, for example, is said to receive visits from the soul of a beloved priest with a complicated role in history. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo has also drawn rumors of visits from Marie Laveau herself, despite her having died in the 19th Century. Her spiritual intuition may have persisted beyond death and allowed her to find her way back to her home city.

At some of the locations on our map, the charity of pious folk intersects with the tragedies of history. For example, the Old Ursuline Convent is one of the more haunted locations in New Orleans. It began as an ordinary convent. However, when the nuns welcomed some of the first young women from France to travel to New Orleans for marriage, a mysterious epidemic followed. At the time, the women were thought to be involved in something supernatural, so is it any wonder that they or the others involved in this tragic story might return to its epicenter? 

These locations all have in common the very human desire for connection with something beyond this physical world. It stands to reason, then, that those who have passed beyond this world might also desire to connect back with it.

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