The Top 5 Myths of the LaLaurie House in New Orleans

On our Sinister Criminal Intentions True Crime and Family-Friendly Ghost tours, we visit the LaLaurie House. Well, we don’t go into the house—that’s sort of myth number one. Or something we get asked about all the time. You can’t go into the house because it is actually someone’s residence right now.

But we will take you up to this famed (and haunted) residence. And we’ll tell you the real history with no embellishment—which is enthralling and scary in its own right!

While you’ll get the whole story on our tour, we’ll start with the basics here. Dr. Louis and Delphine LaLaurie moved into the house in 1832. They held their slaves there, and there were always rumors of the mistreatment of the enslaved. A fire broke out in the kitchen, and once the authorities had to intervene their secrets were up. You’ll hear some very shocking things that were found there.

While the truth of the LaLaurie House is amazing enough, there are some myths you’ll hear that we need to dispel. Unique NOLA prides itself on accurate and well-researched stories, and we hope you’ll appreciate that on our tours.

1. The house you see today was what it looked like when the horrors occurred.

Actually, the house was originally built as a two-story fairly standard house with a peaked roof. It wasn’t until later that the third floor you see now was built.

2. The LaLauries built the entire house

While they were the first residents of the house, they only built about half of the house. It has evolved since then. A lot of the stories you’ll hear about their time there assume the house as you see it today was the house they were living in. Which leads us to…

3. During the fire, enslaved persons were falling from the third floor.

Well, there was no third floor! We’ll explain these and other myths—along with the true stories—when you visit with us!

4. A haphazard burial ground was found during a recent remodel.

You’ll hear a lot about a recent discovery of a hastily built graveyard found on the property. It sounds exciting and scary: a bunch of human bones found smack dab in the French Quarter of New Orleans! Well, this never happened. There were no bones found. It would be an interesting story if it were true! There was a cemetery across the street from the home that was owned by the Ursuline Nuns.

5. Because of the hauntings, no one has lived there for more than a few years

While it is true that the house has changed hands many times, it has also been used for other purposes than just a residence. For a period of time, it was an all-girls school. Then at one point, it was a food rescue for the homeless of New Orleans. Over the years, while we certainly agree that the house is the “most haunted place in New Orleans,” there have been many residents who have lived there for quite some time.

So there you go! Visit us on our Sinister Criminal Intentions True Crime and Family-Friendly Ghost tours to get the real story…
we promise that despite these myths, the REAL story is even more gruesome and chilling.