National Association of Women Business Owners

October Private Tours

French Quarter Welcome/History Tour

Saturday, Oct. 16 | 10am and 2pm

New Orleans’ French Quarter is a place of majesty and saga, with 300 years of history drenched in stories-both delightful and wicked. On this tour, you’ll learn about the humble beginnings of our city that have shaped this unique area of town. You will experience both the past and our present culture-along the way finding exciting activities to try during your visit!

New Orleans’s Vieux Carré (meaning “old square”) is a one-of-a-kind location that people from throughout the world flock to-and for good reason. From the mighty Mississippi River to buildings that pre-date the founding of our country, we will guide you on a tour of that character that keeps people coming back for more.

Garden District Tour

Saturday, Oct. 16 | 2pm

If you’re looking to explore outside of the French Quarter area, and see how our people live and have lived, this excursion is perfect for you or your group.

After that, a stop in Lafayette Cemetery, the oldest city-owned cemetery. You’ll learn the burial practices and traditions that make our cemeteries unique.

Then, during the tour, you’ll set eyes on the current residences of New Orleanians Anne Rice, Sandra Bullock, and John Goodman. You’ll see houses featured in movies such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. As well, you’ll see the Buckner Mansion of American Horror Story fame.