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What is The Best Haunted Pub Crawl New Orleans

New Orleans is a city full of food and fun. When you’re planning a trip here you’re probably wondering what the best haunted pub crawl New Orleans has to offer is. We’re here to answer that and let you know that it’s our Lewd Spirits Tour! This is the perfect pub crawl New Orleans experience that you need to have if you’re visiting this city. Keep reading to learn more about the best haunted pub crawl New Orleans offers. 

What Are the Origins of Pub Crawls

Alehouses were the first origination of “pubs”. They were popular in the 1500s and this is when licensing laws were created as patrons were worried about disorderly conduct. A survey in 1577 found that there were thousands of alehouses and by the 1630s that number significantly increased. The Beer Act, created in 1830 allowed people to serve alcohol from the comfort of their homes for only £1.05 which is £90.58 now or 110 US dollars. That’s a pretty cheap price to make your home a bar!

The term “pub crawl” or “gin crawl” originated in Britain in the late 1800s with the term “pub” meaning “public house” which was a home licensed to serve alcohol. This is why pubs often have a comfortable, “homey” feel because they started as people’s homes. The practice of brewing your beer at home stretches all the way back to the middle ages. During Britain’s Industrial Era, pubs became especially popular with blue-collar workers, people would leave their factory job and grab a pint before heading home. Very similar to people today. The term “Pub crawl” is in the Oxford English Dictionary as both a noun and a verb. 

The World’s Greatest Pub Fest which is held annually in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia, once held the Guinness World Record for the largest pub crawl. They set the record in June of 2009 with 4,718 participants. The current largest crawl had 4,885 participants in 2013. It was a pub crawl for cancer. 

What is New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl History

New Orleans has a deep history of bars and pubs, with some of the city’s earliest establishments dating back to the 18th century. These early bars were often located in the French Quarter and served as gathering places for sailors, merchants, and other travelers. New Orleans values its cultural beginnings which is why many of these bars still exist today. 

One of the most famous early bars in New Orleans was the Old Absinthe House, which was established in 1807 and still exists today. This bar became a popular spot for artists, writers, and intellectuals. The bar was known for its absinthe frappes, which were made with a combination of absinthe, sugar, and water.

Another famous bar in New Orleans is the Sazerac Bar, which also still exists. The Sazerac Bar opened its doors in the Roosevelt Hotel in 1949. The Sazerac Bar is known for its eponymous cocktail, the Sazerac, which was created in the 1830s and is made with a combination of rye whiskey, absinthe, and bitters. Sazerac rye is incredibly hard to find now.

 In the 20th century, bars in New Orleans began to diversify and cater to a wider range of patrons. Today, you can find a wide variety of bars in the city, ranging from dive bars and jazz clubs to upscale cocktail lounges and sports bars. Though we do not visit these bars on our tour, they are still an important part of New Orleans’ history and culture. 

How Do I Sign Up for the Best Haunted Pub Crawl New Orleans Offers

Our Lewd Spirits Tour may not have broken any Guinness records, but it’s still the best haunted pub crawl New Orleans offers! Our 2-hour walking tour hits three bars along the way, with stories in between so that you have time to enjoy your drinks, and gives you a breakdown of some of New Orleans’s most salacious history. 

At Unique NOLA our tours go on rain or shine and you can never be too sure with New Orleans weather. Make sure you come prepared with an umbrella and check the weather before you leave home as you may need rain boots! We like to make sure our guests have the best time possible when on our tours which is why we keep our groups limited to 15 people or less. This tour is 21+ not just for the pub spots but also for some of the material covered. However, we offer many family-friendly tours that are great for all ages! 

If you’re visiting the city with kids consider our Family Friendly Ghost Tour, or if you’re a true crime lover, check out our Sinister Criminal Intentions Tour! At Unique NOLA, we’ve got something for everyone and you don’t wanna miss out. 

Sign up today to take the best haunted pub crawl New Orleans has in its back pocket!