New Orleans Unsolved Murders

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New Orleans is known for its food, partying, and fun. However, there is also a darker side to the city. Of course many know about famous murderers of New Orleans like Madame LaLaurie, but what about the ones no one talks about? Keep reading to learn more about New Orleans’s unsolved murders.

Most Interesting New Orleans Unsolved Murders

With a city as old as New Orleans there of course there are more than a few unsolved mysteries from the past and present. One of the more interesting ones is Minnie Wallace and the unfortunate circumstances all of her male companions met. 

The Husbands of Minnie Wallace

Minnie Wallace was around 15 or 16 when she met businessman James Walkup, who was on a trip to the city. Minnie lived with her mother and sister in a boarding house in Storyville, present-day Basin St, New Orleans’ redlight district. James, a politician, was visiting the city in December of 1884 and met Minnie they fell in love…he was 48. They were married a year and a half later and a month after their marriage, James mysteriously died of arsenic poisoning. Of course, Minnie was blamed for his death but she was later acquitted due to the help of other well-off men. Minnie married her second husband in 1897 and he also mysteriously died. The same can be said for her 3rd husband in 1914 who died from cyanide poisoning right after Minnie was included in his will. Minnie’s husband’s murderers were never caught, who’s to say what happened to them. 

The Missing Toddler Remona Brown

In 1984, there was a fatal house fire in Algiers. In the chaos of the aftermath, three-year-old Remona Brown wandered away from the scene into the car of a couple who were supposedly trying to help. That was the last time Ramona was seen.  The fire happened on March 6th, 1984. Remona’s sister, who was only eight years old at the time, called the police and reported that two male family members had already died in the blaze. Remona was believed dead along with the two boys, but seven other children lived, including an infant. 

A couple in a bronze or brown car arrived at the scene and asked the children if they needed help. Somehow, Remona was the only child who got in the vehicle and was never seen again. The only bodies recovered from the house were the two brothers who initially died in the fire. Remona’s remains were never found. Now, 38 years later, investigators are still trying to figure out what happened to Remona Brown.

Looking for More New Orleans Unsolved Murders?

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