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The New Orleans Private Tour Experience


Around the time COVID-19 started ramping up (let’s try to forget about that but bear with me)… because of social distancing, there was an uptick in the number of people who preferred to go on New Orleans walking tours privately. The tour all to themselves and a guide.


Since then, word got out that this is an even greater way to see and learn about the city, with so many extra benefits and for not that much more than a regular tour. And now this is often a go-to for vacationers of all types.


No longer are New Orleans private tours just limited to large parties or corporate events.


Why take a private tour of New Orleans?


Let’s go into some of the benefits…


1. Tour content tailored to your group.


Our tour company is going to get to know you first. You’ll be able to decide if you want the tour G-Rated, PG-Rated, or R-Rated…. or very very R-Rated! Any tour can be made family-friendly or the complete opposite: we can just take the brakes off the content we don’t let on our normal public tours. New Orleans has a lot of those hidden stories.

2. A tour on your schedule


One of the major benefits to a private tour is you’ll get to choose the time you go out. Want to do a ghost tour in the morning? Done! Want to see the Garden District later in the day? Done! Want a 1.5 hour tour because your schedule is packed? Done!

3. See places we don’t normally tour


Here’s a great example of places we only go on private tours. New Orleans has so many historic cemeteries. We can only do so much on our public tours, but we can get into a variety of cemeteries that no tours ever visit. Just ask, and we’ll make something happen! Cemeteries can have odd schedules, and a tour company can work out those logistics.


4. You think your bachelorette party will be “a bit much” for a public tour


New Orleans is a 24/7 party, and while there are plenty of public tours that are great for bachelorette parties (such as our Lewd Spirits Haunted Tour & Bar Stops) maybe it would be better for everyone to go private!


5. You have a large group and don’t want to deal with logistics.


A tour company doesn’t just put on tours, they also can help plan parts of your entire event. When half of your job is wrangling 15 people on a normal tour, it isn’t a great stretch to wrangle 100, 200, 400 people across multiple tours at the same time.


A New Orleans private tour is not just for large groups, you can affordably take out just you and your friends or family!


If you’re convinced that this would be a great addition to your vacation, don’t hesitate to email us directly at or call us at 504-777-7769 to set up a private tour for yourself!