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New Orleans' Garden District Celebrities

As part of our virtual tour series (which we pivoted to during COVID), we’re going to go into some more New Orleans Garden District history. Focusing on something most of our tour guests want to know about: celebrity homes.

In this video we go into:

1. The Brevard-Clapp House

Now known also as the Brevard-Rice House. A house with beautiful Italian accents, that may even be haunted. It was eventually sold to Judge John Wisdom, who advanced many of the goals of the civil rights movement. The mansion is notable in recent history for being the home of novelist Anne Rice.

2. The Koch-Mays House

Built in 1878 for French Ambassador James Eustis. A Swiss Chalet right in the middle of New Orleans! It is now known as the home of actress Sandra Bullock.

3. The Joseph Merrick Jones House

Built after the Civil War, known in modern culture as the home where Trent Reznor built his New Orleans sound studio (the neighbors were not happy about that!) Things are quieter there now with actor John Goodman as its current owner.


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