Vampire Tendencies, New Orleans Style

Much has been said & written about vampires in New Orleans. Books, films, songs, and legends abound, many, in recent years, focusing on our city. Still, there is no evidence that these mythic creatures exist anywhere on Earth, except for the Vampire Bat. So what is about these legendary creatures that ring so true with the culture of New Orleans?

It is a little-known fact that vampire bats take good care of each other within each colony. Not all of them are capable, night after night, of going out and pursuing victims and the meal that it offers. So those less able to do this are cared for by the others of their colony.

At the end of each nightly hunt, those who have been able to feed return home, finding those who unable to hunt, pull them close and transfer blood to them by rubbing tongue against tongue until their hunger has been abated and all have been fed.

So perhaps this is where the denizens of New Orleans find common ground with these creatures of myth and legend. Before each dawn, the night creatures of New Orleans return to those they love, pull them close enough to be wrapped in each other’s wings, cover themselves against the light of the coming day, and make out until they slip, softly and securely, into dreams of another night to come.

David Lord – June 2018